Global Development

Organizations all over the world are struggling to adapt to trends in demography, politics, and technology that impact us all. 

In the growing field of global development, we focus on:
Strategic analysis, organizational planning, and evaluation
Entrepreneurism, business development, and poverty reduction
Communications and advocacy 
Democracy and governance
Agricultural development


In a world of growing economic inequality, we want to give purpose and value creation a chance to improve lives through the strategic application of knowledge unique to each environment and program.

We build unique insights based on the voice of the people in the streets and the political, business, and cultural leaders who sway them through:

Public opinion polling, focus groups, and surveys

Data analysis
Public relations and strategic communications

Public campaign, influence, advocacy, and brand advising

Impact assessments and monitoring


This discreet service in support of unique client needs leverages RTG’s global network of security providers. Please contact us for a consultation.

How we work

We start our planning based on a solid understanding of your programs and goals; then we work with you to find the right approach with the right tools. Using data collection, measurement and evaluation, and analysis we work across the five major steps in the life cycle of a program or activity. 

1. Plan

Verify assumptions and risk of plans

2. Resource

Identify and allocate necessary resources

3. Act

Deploy resources and implement programs

4. Outcome

Report and evaluate outputs and outcomes

5. Impact

Analyze long-term impact and systemic change

Let's Talk

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